Watch the Battle Unfold of the Online Giants

Facebook. Microsoft. Google. Three of the titans of tech have formed their alliances and are battling for attention online. Back in October 2010, Facebook and Bing (Microsoft owned) announced a working relationship that started to integrate Facebook Likes into the Bing search results pages. You might have seen that people you know from Facebook have started appearing when you search or go to popular websites. This is the result of this partnership and of Facebook allowing its numerous Like Button Apps to be placed throughout the web.

Just recently, the integration has been enhanced. Google has responded with its +1 feature in its search and incorporated social search into its search engine results pages (SERPs) as well.

I personally like the evolution of online search as it moves to a more personalized interface. When you know that friends of yours ‘like' something or can recommend it, you'll have an increased trust that the information is something that you'll want to look at more carefully. The internet will become less about rehashed or spammy content and more about catering to real people and what they consider important and relevant.

So, let the giants battle it out and we'll enjoy the fireworks, but at the same time they'll be shaping the web and how we all connect world wide.